By Robert J. Eccleston, Sculptor

Bas-Relief sculptures are drawings in the form of a sculpture. Bas-Reliefs are offered in low to high-relief. Low-Reliefs are flatter and use perspective to give the sense of dimension, while high-reliefs are deeper with elements that stand proud of the background giving it a true 3 dimensional look. Most reliefs are a combination of the two. Depending on the design, size and material, bas-relief sculptures can be a more cost effective option for your memorial.

3rd Battalion 3rd Marine Memorial

  • Location: National Museum of the Marine Corps, Triangle, VA
  • Medium: Bronze
  • Dimensions: 6'6" high by 3'9" wide 1.5" deep
  • Year Completed:

This memorial honors the Marines of "America’s Battalion" who fought and died during, WWII, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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